Repairing Yellow Lawn Patches

Are patchy yellow spots popping up all over your lawn?  Reviving burn spots on your grass is not easy, but it helps to know what is causing them in the first place.  There are a number of reasons for brown or bare areas of patchy grass. If you suspect insect damage, fungus, or mold, be sure to treat for that first, otherwise you will be fighting a losing battle.

Other common causes of yellow spots are:

  • When lawns are experiencing strong sunlight and getting little water, it is very common for them to burn. If you are experiencing a drought, make sure to water your lawn regularly to avoid this damage. Burning commonly happens in the summertime, so be weary!
  • You can burn your lawn if you use too much fertilizer. Over-using fertilizer kills the microbes that keep the grass healthy and growing. Refrain from using fertilizers in the summer because the grass could burn or turn brown.
  • Burned patches of grass can also come from dog urine. Dog urine has a high concentration of nitrogen, so it has similar burning effects to over-fertilization.  If you have a female dog or a large dog, the patches are likely to be bigger because females urinate in one spot, and large dogs produce more urine.

Once you have determined why your grass is burning, you can better determine how to fix the burn. There are no guarantees that your grass will revive from the burn, but it is worth a shot! Here are some ways you can repair your burned grass:

  • If too much sun and too little water are your problems, the only real solution is consistent watering. This is the most important thing to pay attention to when trying to maintain a healthy, burn-free lawn. Set up some sprinklers in your backyard to hydrate your grass and bring it back to life. Make sure the water is spreading evenly! If a good rainstorm comes along, don’t assume that your grass will be cured. It still needs constant watering after the storm is over!
  • If your grass is burned from over-fertilizing it,you will need to find a balance of how much fertilizer to use. This will reduce the stress on your lawn. Check the back of your fertilizer bag for more details. You do not want to under-fertilize your lawn, but over-fertilizing will lead to more burning! The best kind of fertilizer to use in this situation is compost! You can buy compost or you can make it yourself (as our last article explained!).
  • If your dog is the problem, perhaps give them more water.  The more water they drink, the more diluted their urine will be. When their urine is diluted it is less potent, and less likely to burn your grass.

Unfortunately, if none of these things work, then the burn damage is too much to repair. The next step would be to either re-sod or re-seed. This is the last resort, but it will fix your burn spot!


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