Fall Seeding

Some may assume spring is the ideal time to seed their lawn. The temperature is warming, landscapes are in bloom — nature is coming to life once again. However, in our neck of the woods, we typically get a lot of rain during this time of year — much more than is required by newly planted grass making it difficult for it to flourish let alone survive. If rain isn’t an issue, temperature is. The cooler soil temperatures of spring slow the grasses growth and further injure tender new plantings.

 The best time for lawn seeding is from late August to mid September. Unfortunately, most people don’t think about seeding their lawns in the fall after drought and damaged areas have been created throughout the summer. Instead, most people think about lawn seeding in the spring, which is not an effective time to get consistent results.

When the life of a lawn is looked at in the long term, the expense and effort of seeding is well worth it. The only downside to seeding is that it requires watering once to twice a day to ensure proper germination. In the end, your property value will increase, and seeing the new lush green turf on your lawn will be a pleasurable and worthwhile experience.





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